Public Service Governance and Corporate Corruption Management

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Corruption is a major challenge to development. It erodes public trust in government and leads to violations which undermine democracy, rule of law and respect for constitutional authority.  Aside from the fact that corruption hurts the poor disproportionately by diverting scare resources intended for development, corruption feeds inequality and injustice.

When formal and informal institutional systems are severely weakened by corrupt practices, law enforcement and policies that ensure accountability and transparency required for business growth and development becomes harder to implement. This program recognizes the importance and need for an efficient public and private sector in Cameroon to drive and materialized the growth and emergence frameworks that are being laid through policy.

Mitigating corporate corruption and public service governance and management deficiencies constitute a major factor in enhancing economic growth and prosperity in a resource rich Cameroon. To meet the challenges of capacity development required to stimulate and sustained Cameroon’s development and growth projections in the economic, political and social sectors, we have designed an Advanced Diploma Course in Public Service Governance and Corporate Corruption Management (CPSGM) which is a set of tools, techniques and measures aimed at tackling obstacles to participatory governance, efficient and effective public and private sector service delivery, state security and development of a strong economy.

The program is an essential source of skill and expert knowledge for individual entrepreneurs, corporate organizations, government ministries, religions bodies, parastatals and local authorities, to identify opportunities in their organizational operations and procedures that give rise to fraud, poor performance and bad governance, and also to seal loopholes, detect and deflect practices that undermine their mission, objectives and relevance.

The unique approach of this program lies in combining traditional educational methods with know-how and expertise from practitioners in the field geared towards the formation of proactive and reflective professionals capable of transforming the culture, attitudes and behavior of institutions and corporations where they are found. The program is an important source and a means to passing on best practices in business and public service management to future leadership generations.

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